This year's Community Gala sounds like a really fun event! The entertainment will be Mentalist Curtis Waltermire. Here is some info about Mr. Waltermire's background:  Mentalist Curtis Waltermire began entertaining audiences professionally with his unusual brand of entertainment in the mid-1980’s. Originally from St. Joseph, Illinois, he has lived throughout the United States over the last 25 years and performed for countless corporate and private clients and on television for charitable organizations such as the March of Dimes and the Arthritis Foundation. He can currently be seen on television on an episode of the PBS TV show “Street Rodding American Style” driving a restored 1963 Chevy II Nova through an autocross track while COMPLETELY BLINDFOLDED; a stunt that he also performed this past October with three-time Indianapolis 500 Racing Champion Bobby Unser. When asked about the stunt, Curtis says “It was a lot of fun scaring Bobby Unser at only 40 miles an hour. He just kept saying repeatedly ‘This is the DAMNEDEST thing I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!’” He can be frequently heard performing various mind-reading stunts on local Wichita radio stations, and is a regular keynote speaker and entertainer for various corporate clients that bring their events to Wichita. He is also currently planning several public shows this year at Wichita’s newest, live performing venue “LIVE at 215.” Updated information about Curtis’ public appearances can be found on his website or on his Facebook page at


A fascinating fact about Curtis is that while he makes his living as a mentalist (also known as a “mindreader”), he makes no claim at all to be psychic. “What I do isn’t psychic,” he says, “it’s psychological—some even call it ‘perceptual manipulation.’” So does this mean that he doesn’t believe in psychic abilities? “I do believe that people possess a certain amount of intuition that is often mistaken for supernatural abilities. There are some things that we know about people that we simply can’t explain apart from experience and mental conditioning. I can’t talk to your dead relative, and I don’t hold the keys to the secrets of the Universe; I am simply an entertainer. I use the extraordinary abilities of the human mind to entertain and inspire people, and I have a lot of fun doing it.”


He is an 8-year U.S. Army Veteran, the proud father of a daughter who is a former active-duty US Marine, and an overall shameless supporter of the US Military. He is also currently working on a program for wounded veterans known as “M3”, which stands for Magic, Music, and Mastery. The program uses all of these (“mastery” meaning any skill such as painting, carpentry, information technology, etc.) in a combined effort to help wounded veterans during their therapy as well as provide a means for them to come back as active, productive members of civilian life.

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