It has been reported to the City that unidentified persons are following the Fiber to the Premises crews that are installing the new Gigabyte Fiber Broadband service in Hillsboro and offering to sell “fiber internet” service that are not connected with the company that is installing that service.


Please be aware that anyone representing fiber internet to the home should be displaying this logo: on their clothing and their vehicles. If someone offers you fiber or broadband service and is insinuating that they represent the fiber project please ask them to show their ID and what company they actually represent. You can also contact city hall at (620) 947-3162 and report any potential scam situation.


This is a very important project for the City of Hillsboro and our citizens. While we operate in a free economy and are in no way restricting the choice you have for internet service, we just ask that those offering those services clearly identify themselves, the company they represent and specifically the services they are offering.

If you are interested in true, “fiber to the premises” service with up to 1 Gigabyte speeds, then you need to see this logo on the personnel, vehicles and any paperwork you are being asked to sign;


More at



(620) 947-3162

118 E. Grand Ave.

Hillsboro, KS 67063