Garage Sale Day

Saturdays and Spring cleaning are the perfect combinations for garage sales.  Join us for our annual Garage Sale Day which is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th.


On this day, you will see people finding great deals at these neighborhood sales.  For those having the sales, this is a way for them to find new homes for items they no longer need.  It’s a WIN-WIN!

City-Wide Clean-Up Week

The annual Clean-up Week for the City of Hillsboro is April 29-May 3rd.  This week is set aside for residents of Hillsboro to dispose of extra trash and small limbs at no extra charge.  Items will be collected ONCE on the same day as your trash is picked up at the same location where you typically place your trash receptacle by 7:00 a.m.

Your trash must be bagged, boxed or bundled or it will not be picked up.

·         Branches and trash need to be separated and in different piles.

·         Concrete will not be picked up.  Please call City Hall if you need to dispose of concrete.

·         Hazardous materials will not be picked up.  Paint, batteries, vehicle oil and other household hazardous material can be disposed of at the Marion County Household Hazardous Waste Facility

(620-382-3190) at 141 N. Coble in Marion Monday-Friday.  On Saturday, May 4th, Marion County will pick up household hazardous waste in the Hillsboro Police Dept parking lot at 414 N. Ash from 9-11 a.m.


·         Recyclable materials will not be picked up.  Please use the City’s recycle center under the small water tower in the 100 block of North Birch.  It is open every day of the week.

·         Woody shrubs and tree branches may be disposed of at the City tree dump, located at 210th and Indigo.  The site is open every day.  Branches and small tree limbs left on the curb for pick up will be loaded with heavy equipment from the street. Do not stack next to mailboxes, electric poles, gas or water meters, trees or other landscaping.  Bundle and tie small branches and limbs for easy pick up.

·         Leaves and grass clippings will not be picked up.  Please use the City’s compost facility that is open every day.  The new location for the compost facility is at East Orchard Drive, just south of Midway Motors.  Look for the directional signage.

·         There will be no alley pick up during Clean-up Week.

·         Do not overfill trash barrels and polycarts for the safety of our workers.  Homemade 55 gallon trash barrels will not be dumped.

·         Landlords:  the City will only pick up trash or limbs that are generated by your tenants.

·         Do not set out entire sheds or buildings, large trees, chunks of concrete, etc.  Remember, that if it cannot be picked up by our workers, we will not dispose of your trash.  We may refuse any large items.  If you do need assistance with disposal of large items, or have questions about what you want to set out, please call City Hall and they will help you make arrangements.

·         Tire disposal must be paid for in advance at City Hall.  Car and pick up tires are $2.50 each and semi-truck tires are $8.00 each.

·         Appliance pick up is free during Clean-up Week.  Please call City Hall to schedule.

·         Commercial properties aren’t included in the Residential Clean-up Week and extra trash will be billed appropriately at these locations.


Hillsboro City Hall - 620/947-3162


Please remember to:  Bag, Box and Bundle!


More at



(620) 947-3162

118 E. Grand Ave.

Hillsboro, KS 67063